Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Just Yet


Old Kelsey had a blood test a few weeks ago as part of his annual check-up. The results came back with an ominous imbalance, which was confirmed in a re-test.

The most likely cause (but not the only possible cause) of the particular abnormalities is cancer of a variety of forms. His vet arranged for ultrasound testing in addition to full-body x-rays.

Waiting for results.

Those tests were carried out yesterday, and the results came back clean: no evidence of cancer, no tumors. We slept well for the first time in a while last night.

What is causing the abnormalities is still unknown, but the remaining possibilities are all imps to cancer's dragon. The imps are easier to deal with than the dragon if we know one's there this early, before it actually becomes visible.

Ultimately, of course, news will arrive that is not so good, for Kelsey, or for me, or for you. But not this time, not today.

We have been granted more good moments to live in, and we intend to take advantage of them as best we can. He knows how to do it.