Monday, December 27, 2010

Mustsee Teevee

Adam after a hard day's work on the set. The blood and the tats are fake, but the pride is real.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 28th) is the debut of my boy's first-ever featured role on a TV program. He plays the villain-of-the-week on an episode of I (Almost) Got Away With It titled "Got to Fetch a Hooker."

Investigation Discovery ("ID") channel
10pm Eastern, 7 and 10pm Pacific

ID is one of the Discovery suite of cable channels. (Click here to see if your tv provider carries it and, if so, on what channel.) If you don't have ID as an option, the episode will run later on the main Discovery channel and will be available for download within a couple of days on Amazon and iTunes for two bucks.

I make absolutely no guarantees concerning program quality, since I've never seen an episode of the program -- but you can bet that I'll be riveted to the one tomorrow.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Folly of Bow-Wows [UPDATED with higher-quality video]

Christmas Day this year was a very quiet one at Ft. Harrington. Some of the extended family will converge here tomorrow, but today it was just us and the four-feet. As always, distribution of presents (in this case, rawhide chews) to the children (in this case, dogs) was the highlight of Christmas. Rawhide chews are a special, special treat for Kelsey, Jax, and Emma, primarily because they never get them on any day but Christmas. That's because one of them (whom I will not embarrass by mentioning his name here in public) tends to steal the others' and hoard them.

(Video -- "Treats for the Canines," starring Kelsey, Jax, and Emma with a special guest appearance by Cooper-the-Giant-Kitty -- at the bottom of this post.)

It's a Ft. Harrington Christmas tradition that Emma winds up with no toys or treats because...

... her bratty brother steals everything of value.

Bow on the Bow-Wow

But enough of the mutts. This is MY blog, so what did I get? I'm sure everyone reading this is impatient to find out, right? I made out like a bandit, I did. Not only did I score the traditional Pendleton shirt and a great barn jacket, but my loving spouse also gifted me thusly:

I'm gonna spoon out a bowl of that corn relish and snuggle in with my Patti Smith books and just disappear for a whole day. Just as soon as my mouth heals from its Christmas Eve emergency extraction of a shattered tooth.


Note, for those who need it, on the title of this post: click here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Grave Post

Before Diane and I left for Ireland earlier this year, I posted an offer in this space to take photos while we were there for anyone who had a specific place or thing in mind. Our friend Ronnie Peterson took us up on that, as did a friend of mine over on Flickr.

Ronnie's request and its great benefits to us have been chronicled here earlier. Linda ("chocolatepoint" over on Flickr) asked thusly for something that proved, similarly, to be of more benefit to us (in the places we sought out that we might not otherwise have seen) than to her:

Thanks for the kind offer to take a photo that I might want. I don't have anything specific in mind. If you happen to roll by an interesting old cemetery, though, and feel like taking a few shots, I wouldn't mind seeing the photos. You know how I love old cemeteries and genealogy and such. Don't go out of your way, though!

Our ultimate response to Linda can be seen by clicking here, transporting you over to The set that lives there includes, among others, these sights:

Passage to the heart of the Neolithic tomb at Knowth,

the 12th Century Dominican Priory ruins at Lorrha, far northern Tipperary,

the ancient monastic city at Clonmacnoise on the Shannon, and


Once again, click here to view the full set.