Friday, March 23, 2007

Vernal Plum-Q-Nox

The first sign of spring at Ft. Harrington, as noted earlier, is the wremoval of the wragtop from the Wrangler. The second sign is the blossoming of our old plum trees around the deck. They don't insinuate themselves gradually; generally and annually, it's as though someone snuck by in the night and festooned our old fruit trees with popcorn.

That happened two nights ago.

Plum blossoms and bbq smoke (above)

The third Ft. Harrington sign of spring -- and, to this All-American, Stars-n-Stripes man's MAN, hey, the signal (and, dammit, yes, I meant "signal" not "single" because Dad paid for that ability to be linguistically pretentious and I hate to waste his money) most important -- is the first barbeque of the season... which I managed to pull together tonight. The deck is by no means ready for prime time, though. Even a relatively "dry" winter here in the rain forest (which this year meant only four feet of rain instead of the usual six) leaves slimy biota of many colors, none of which is appetizing, all over everything. That hasn't all been cleaned up yet.

Above: BBQ corner tonight, with iridescent deck-slime cropped from the bottom of the frame.

... but, when it is all cleaned up, it's well worth the effort. Above is the barbeque corner of our deck last June.


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Mike said...

Things are a little different here in western Maine, where the classic sign of spring is called "mud season" and not to be taken lightly. Especially by those of us whose dogs have been wading through three feet of snow in the backyard several times daily for the past few months. On the other hand, if mud season is here, can mosquito and black fly season be far behind?