Friday, June 15, 2007

Doug's Memorial Website Updated

"An Extraordinary Day in May" was more than a month ago, now.

I have finally updated Doug's memorial website to include the rich variety of recordings of the event, both visual and audio/video. The full panoply can be seen by clickng this link, and then exploring the hyperlinks, but there is one part of it that slices directly to the heart that I want to impose on the few readers of this blog:

Clicking on the little arrow in the middle of the above frame takes you to a moving performance. David Godfrey White, a sometime (repeatedly) bandmate of Doug's, sings his composition "In Memory Of..." at the end of the ceremony for Doug's bench dedication. The song was written just a few years ago, in part for David's late brother, Jeffrey, and is featured on Heathen's 2005 album, "Recovered".

Ronniecat says that my son, Adam's, hug with Dave at the end of the song is the most moving part of this performance. I would have a hard time disagreeing. The loss of a brother is something I cannot ever fully understand, but the two of them quite clearly do.


Mike said...

Having lost a brother, I have some sense of what it's like. Which is why I'm glad you posted the pictures of everyone laughing and having a good time, too. One of the transitions that needs to be made is to feel okay about remembering what a goof a brother can be, and how the sorrow of loss doesn't have to overshadow the joy of having known, and loved, the guy.

Also that there's a reason you all knew and loved him, and that it has to do with being able to know and love each other, as well. Which is a pretty good reason to laugh when you get together. Looks like Doug assembled a good group of folks.

Sherwood Harrington said...

In that vein: in case you haven't watched the video clip of Dave White's comments, I think you might enjoy the two minutes you spend doing so. His imitation of Doug here and there in the short narrative is right on the money, and the laughter in the background is great.

That this came immediately before Dave performed the song somehow makes both parts -- the funny reminiscence and the moving performance -- more complete.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

I'm glad you posted both clips- Those who never met Doug can tell a lot about him by the tremendous affection and joy people obviously feel in thinking about him. Very cool.