Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sometimes It's Not the Destination Or the Journey...

... it's the anticipation of the journey!

Emma and Jax in the back seat of the truck, ready to go... well, wherever, who cares?, WHEE!, on July 13th.

Anyone who has ever taken dogs for rides recognizes these expressions.

Going for a ride in the truck is a great treat for any of the dogs (and, truth be told, most times for their master, too). Friday's ride was especially cool because their friend Lucile was along, so the ride was clearly something special. Usually when Mrs. Fort and I take all three dogs out for a ride, Kelsey and Emma sit in the back seat and little Jax sits on Mrs. Fort's lap in the front passenger seat. This time, though, Lucile sat in the back so Jax had to sit back there, too!

Kelsey (you can see part of one of his legs at the right in the above picture) didn't like it much. Kept grumbling all the way, as though to say "He's touching me! Are we there yet??"

We arrived "there" pretty quick -- just a 15-minute leisurely drive from Ft. Harrington to Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Diane and Lucile with Jax and Emma. Kelsey anchored the other end of my leash, and I was taking the few pictures we took, so there aren't any pictures of either of us.

No big deal, this walk. Which makes it ever so good, doesn't it?

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