Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Eye of Guinness.

Digital photography has its own extravagance, a profligacy, an excess of images born of exuberance that spins its own dust bunnies. While I’m working on a few more significant entries in this blog, I thought I’d grope around under my virtual couch and splash a few images up here that have languished at the tail-end of my Nikon’s memory chip for the last month or so. Nikon-bunnies, as it were or was or is.


The above is a really, really bad picture of me. At the right side of the frame, you can trace out the arc of my left arm, in the left-center, you can see the black circle of my camera’s lens, in the upper-left you can sort of see my gray-headed, um, head.

… but, if you zoom out a little …

… you can see that it’s actually a pretty good picture of the Little Prince, the Magic One, the Guinness!

This is the season for…

… the holly…

… and the (English) ivy!

(Holly and Ivy are long-time and exuberant dominant ladies of Ft. Harrington’s front yard.)

And it’s the season for something that I wish everybody all the time anyway: peace on your earth, and good will to all your men and women and children, and thank you for visiting here, God bless you.

HAPPY- HAPPY to you all! (And joy-joy, too!)

The main man of the Fort, the Kelsey, the ferocious and the virtuous, naps. A lot.

And he wishes you the best for the holidays and the new year.


ronnie said...

If this is detritus, it is some of the most handsome and beautiful I have seen.

That is both a charming picture of Guinness and a dramatic detail of the picture. In fact, what's striking is that the close-up of the eye suggests a very intense cat, an alert cat, perhaps even an agitated cat; yet when we see the photo in full, the Young Prince looks relaxed and even, dare I say, coquettish. A good lesson about the story told by the part vs. the whole.

Bless you and yours as well, Mr. Harrington, who has brought me so many hours of education and happiness and amusement over the past year (and years before that). Tell Monsieur Freighter Noir to watch the mail - there may be something of (slight) interest to him coming along.

(No ham, though. Canada Post was scandalized and said it was right out.)


Sherwood Harrington said...

Ronnie, the stories told by the part and by the whole can both be true. Cats, as you know full well, are not particularly concerned with ape-ish constructs such as "consistency" or "logic" when it comes to states of mind.

The Young Prince's coquettishness, in fact, springs largely from his mix of agitation and relaxation, both at the same time, which confuses us, but is just the way things are to him.

We don't need to search the Galaxy very far for alien intelligence, do we?

PS - I'd tell Freighter Noir what you want me to, but he's not listening to me. Or even in the same room, recntly.