Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mom & Me (Two Old Photos)

As noted before in this space, I've been spending a lot of time in this short summer's vacation populating my Flickr account. Most of what I've been posting there has been spiffied-up images from Diane's and my digital collection from 2000 to now, but I've put up a lot of my Dad's old slides (repaired and reconstructed), too. While doing so, my heart was melted twice by images of my mother.

Mom was a remarkable woman (as of course are all moms -- as Bullwinkle memorably said once, "I think that I shall never see/ a pome as lovely as a me/ for pomes are writ by fools, you see/ and only Mom can make a me.") But my Mom was especially so because she was my Mom, you know? I'll write part of her story here some day to convince you doubters.

Meanwhile, here are the two photos that puddled me up (click on each to be taken to a much finer view):

Heating Fuel Delivery, 1953
Gathering Wood for the Fireplace, 1953.

Mom and Me, 1965
About to Leave the Nest, 1965.



ronnie said...

Sherwood, I've always believed that extraordinary women raise extraordinary men. I've had the opportunity to test this theory a few times; I have my own mother-in-law as my prime example; I've also met the Original Ronnie, the Deacon's mother; and I had the amazing privilege of corresponding with "Mom" of Brian's "Mom's Cancer" before she passed away. My only regret is that I didn't have the opportunity to "meet" - in person or in cyberspace - your mom, who clearly stands in their company.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

No doubt here, but don't let that stop you from sharing some of her story! 8~) I expect she was quite a wonderful lady.

I'd be inclined to agree that you're pretty extraordinary in current use of the word. Of course, in renaissance universities - at least those in Italy - the Ordinary Professors held the highest paid and most prestigious positions. They only had to teach on "ordinary" academic days, while the Extraordinary Professors were lower in status and had to teach on non-standard days of the academic week, as well as ordinary days. (Holiday Professors were even lower!)

So as Dept Head, it appears that, you are the Most Ordinary Professor there! Congratulations!


Theriomorph said...

I love both of these, and can immediately see why they are puddlers.