Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Mid-November Gathering of the Clan

Today was one of those extra-special ordinary days, one on which a number of us gathered at Adrianne and Grace's house for a Sunday get-together. The weather was a little odd, as befits some of us, but in a good way (doubling the befitting): unseasonably warm. Temperatures in the high 70's with a low sun angle at midday made for an almost dreamlike environment.

The youngest generation had a ball.

Grace as wood nymph.

Adam and Kiana.

Adrianne's mom, Kathy, and her wonder dog Jack.

Caleb mimicks Jack's ears.

This is pretty much the expression Adam always has when watching his nieces and nephews.

Adam was the main cook for today's gathering, having prepared his extra-special lasagne (and a pot of veggie tortellini) to heat up in Adrianne's kitchen.

A-feasting. Adam and Doug's sister Reva (at left) gave a wonderful toast that included the ones who can't be with us again except in memory. Not everyone is in this photo; a few of the guys were inside, marveling at a miracle unfolding on TV: the 49ers scoring 35 points against an actual NFL team.

"Normal" means something different than it used to for this family, but it's starting to feel okay to me now.


Dann said...


division w-l

overall w-l



Detroit Kitty Kats
division w-l

overall w-l



Adam said...

Dann, as a long suffering Raider fan....I'ts kinda hard to feel sorry for ya'. Sorry.

Dad, there WAS something in the air Sunday wasn't there? I didn't register the ethereal light till I saw these photos. Everything felt so right, I guess I just took it for granted.


ronnie said...

Look at Grace! Her hair is so long. She's a proper little girl now, not a toddler anymore.

It reminds me of the summer afternoon with Husband's big extended family at the lake. Too cold here for al fresco dining now!!

Thanks for sharing.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Dann, your Lions have something in common with Adam's Raiders and the 49ers: Matt Millen is an ex-employee of all three teams. Given what he did to the Detroit franchise, you'd be forgiven for suspecting that he was still on SF's payroll -- there are still a lot of folks out here who remember December 22nd, 1957.

ronnie, Grace is certainly not a toddler any more, but she's not always exactly "proper," either!

Brian Fies said...

You're a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

24 unanswered. That's goes beyond choking....that's asphyxiation. Heh, heh, heh.

Hey, why do I keep going back to anonymous?

Are the blog gods Niners fans?