Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Thousand Words

Last Saturday (May 16th, 2009), Adam and Lynda took Adam's nieces, Grace and Kiana, to a little beach on the east side of San Francisco Bay. Adam captured some arresting images on that outing, including these three:

To Grace's left is the skyline of San Francisco. Directly beyond her is the Golden Gate Bridge. Slightly to her right are the hills of Marin County. She is looking directly toward the place on the Bay where her father's ashes were scattered two years ago.

Kiana tries to give her passenger ladybug the benefit of the doubt.

We can all fly, you know? We just have to try. And we just have to believe.

(All photos by Adam Harrington, who, I hope, will post them to his Flickr account without too much nagging by his father, who really wants to reference them from his own Flickr account. But I'm not pressuring him, no, of course not.)


Adam said...

OK, OK! I'm on it.

I'll put a few more in there as well.

Lynda, unfortunately, was about a half a mile east of Reva, the girls, and me when these photos were taken.

Toiling away at the pain shop she "rules" as Gracie said once. Manages, as the rest of us mortals would say.

Thanks for posting these Dad. I'm honored!

Adam said...

PAINT shop, that is.

Although, judging by her demeanor when she comes home some nights.... maybe I got it right the first time.

I pity all you folks with "real" jobs. ;)

ronnie said...

REMARKABLE photos. Beautiful composition, amazing "movement" emanating from them.

Xtreme English said...

best photos i've seen for a long time. your son has a tender eye.

also, where did i read that you are an ASTRONOMER by profession?? too cool.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Mary Ellen, "tender eye" is an excellent way of putting it. For all of his 39 years, Adam has had a remarkable sensitivity for the fine points of what his senses present him with (good or bad), and that heightened sense of detail is probably one of the things that allows him to make his living the way he does: as a voice actor.

And, yep, a stargazer am I.

Adam said...

Thank you Mary Ellen, my secret is to take about a thousand digital photos per life event.

I usually come up with two or three that (purely by happenstance, I assure you) look like I actually know what I'm doing.

iPhoto helps too.

And hey.... Dad?.....

Couldya save all that 39 stuff for a month from now?

I'm holdin' on to 38 as long as I can. ;)

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

No matter how many shots you take, to come upon those moments and capture them is wonderful!

38, 39, sheesh, they're both the flower of youth. To me anyway.

Sherwood Harrington said...

... and Adam has buckled to parental pressure. Here's a link to a great shot to get you connected to his "Photostream."