Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter

Usually when we have a weekend BBQ for family here at Ft. Harrington, there are many, many people involved. On Saturday, June 27th, 2009, though, we had an unusually small gathering: just Grace-the-Granddaughter, her mom (Adrianne), and her uncle Adam.

Old yellow Kelsey generally has an absolute gas at family gatherings, tripping happily from one person to another until he's so worn out that he collapses. With fewer targets this time, though, for some reason he zeroed in on Adrianne as the object of his attention.

In this little set, we see him wooing her, greeting her, and, ultimately, settling in happily at her side.

What a suck-up my dog is.

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter (1 of 7)
Adrianne, Kelsey, and Grace. Kelsey starts by placing himself where he can't be ignored.

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter (2 of 7)
Kelsey sandwich! Excellent!

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter (3 of 7)
"Please, let me introduce myself!"

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter (4 of 7)
"... I am a dog whose refinement belies my breeding, my lady."

(It's interesting to note how he holds his ears in this set compared to how he does when he's at work.)

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter (5 of 7)
Kissing the back of the hand is customary, but Kelsey's doing pretty well for a dog, don't you think?

She's let me sit here! Oh, the ecstasy! Oh, the joy!
Oh, the damn' little suckup spaniel, horning in from the left. He always does that.

Kelsey's Excellent Encounter (7 of 7)
Settled in.

Little does Adrianne know it, but, at this instant, Kelsey would have followed her through the very gates of Hell. He's also actively guarding her now; note the position of his ears.



Mike said...

Tsk. Gentlemen of our vintage do not describe one another as having "absolute gas." It detracts from that Maurice Chevalier charm.

ronnie said...

What a charming set of pictures - and what a gentlemanly dog!

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Jax looks to me like he's taking notes.

Brian Fies said...

Lucky dog.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Ah, Ruth, you've seen through it!

Little Jax is clever, insinuative, and suave, always. But he is also always subordinate insofar as his pride will allow -- his inner identity seems to be "Lieutenant Jax" to the old yellow dog's "Captain Kelsey."

He takes notes. He cogitates. He takes advantage.

And, he ultimately wins, and Kelsey ultimately just grumbles.

I think we all had "friends" like Jax in high school, didn't we? At least those of us who ran for things like class president or treasurer or whatever did. Jax won, we didn't.