Sunday, August 23, 2009

200 Days On

I had some vanilla ice cream last night. I actually got to eat it all, but didn't get to hear the purr.
Not a trade I would make voluntarily, all things considered.


Jessamyn said...


Last night I was sharing some ice cream with Gilly and watching both his pleasure and his white chin no longer white from the ice cream itself but from age, and having that sick feeling of imminent loss which will hopefully be many years away yet but will always be too soon-

*rails against mortality*

*relies on multiple universe theory to believe that somewhere Oolie and Shalom and all the rest of them are eating ice cream right now*

ronnie said...

You said it best Sherwood - the big ones leave such big holes.

Sherwood Harrington said...

I think we all should rail against mortality. And then I think we should all have a spoonful or two of vanilla ice cream. And that will probably make everything better for a while.

Brian Fies said...

If you dice up a perfectly ripe peach and mix it into your vanilla ice cream until it just begins to soften, you actually become immortal. Don't think it works on cats, though.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Oh, Brian, that sounds so sinful as to be worthy of Biblical perpetuation.

I wonder if, if I had done the same with cantaloupe pieces forty years ago, my great good friend Shimbleslink would still be with me.

I have never seen, before or since, a being so riveted by a particular form of melon as he was.

Diversity: aren't we all wonderful, really?