Monday, December 14, 2009

Farflung. Family. Freaky.

Everybody's got a family somewhere. Everybody's family is a hiccup in the flow of ordinality. There's normal, and then there's "us", and that dichotomy applies to all of us, always, especially here in the blogosphere.

Here's the most recent salvo in the "we're weirder than you are" contest: another short, masterful video clip from Adam's Uncle Bob:

The above video clip is another in Adam's Uncle Bob's continuing series of alternate-sensibility visuals, some of which have been highlighted here on SherWords before. What makes this one notable for SherWords is the collection of talent: Adam's faux-lingo background, cousin Bill's growling guitar, and, especially, Reva's smooth voice make this a multi-generational and cross-lineage collection that should help braid disparate genetic threads together.

And it's really, really cool, too.


Margaret Ryall said...

Interesting format for a grammar lesson. Wish I had this clip when I taught English to a group of grade 7's where it was always "Betty and me went ...."

I'm curious about why the subject matter is grammar. The image of the green attic vent is very inviting. Sorry I was distracted from the lesson because of visual information. Wow! I might have something there. This phenomenon might account for the sloppy grammar these days.

Brian Fies said...

In other words, you're the normal one in the family? Wow.

I like Uncle Bob. And I like how everyone else in the family just seems to kind of roll with it. Every family should have an Uncle Bob.

Mike said...

Jedidiah and me were glad to see his name used in the example.

Adam said...

Just realized that I'm Grace and Kiana's eccentric Uncle. The one with all the strange projects.


Happy to carry on the tradition.