Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, Shoot!

... Photoshoot, that is.

Adam C. Harrington

My son, Adam, is represented in his career as a voice actor by a major talent agency. The agency has a website that, for reasons that I might discuss later in this blog, appears to have been designed to drive visitors, clients, fans, or anybody else far, far away.

Adam @ work.

But they want photos of him now. Of course, they won't pony up for an actual photographer, so they get me instead. (This is a national, big-time agency, folks. You wouldn't know it.)

Part of the reason for wanting photos is that they want to market him for on-screen gigs. He has had a few of those before -- in-house training videos for large companies, mostly -- always as a "heavy," a bad guy.

Heavy heavy. Yes, those arms are real, inherited in part from Art Harrington.

So, last weekend, we got together for some amateur glam-snapping. Here are some out-snaps:

Looks like he's auditioning to fill a vacancy in U2, doesn't he?

Pony tail liberated. Adam says of this shot, "I liked this one at first, but the more I look at it the more I look like a serial killer trying not to look like a serial killer. 'Could you help me move this couch into my van? Mind going in first?'"

The photographer, setting up framing. The camera's remote control is in my right hand, just offscreen.



Adam said...

Looks like little Timmy's getting a can o' whup-ass in his stocking this year.

Thanks for keeping my agency anonymous here. As much as I grumble about the web-site... I'm still askairt of pissing 'em off.

There's two for the ol' Cuss-O-Meter.

Sherwood Harrington said...

I think the Cuss-O-Meter's dead. It hasn't budged in years.

To understand Adam's first sentence, click here.

Xtreme English said...

my goodness!!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Goodness, Ms. Carew, has little to do with it ;-).

ronnie said...

Re-reading this post reminds me that your son and my brother share something: they can look absolutely threatening and terrifying to strangers, and are good souls who wouldn't harm a flea.

My brother is 6'1, about 240, habitually wears sunglasses, sports a beard, and drives a motorcycle. When Husband first met him, he said his gut instinct said, "Oh, it's a Hell's Angel. Walk away slowly and hope he doesn't speak to you."

This is a man who cried - making me cry - when I was able to watch his son - my nephew - play hockey for the the first time on a visit last year.

Funny about that first impressions and appearances thing. At least Adam is making it work for him - maybe I should advise Cory to look for work as an Extra "Heavy". :)

Adam said...

Hey, I AM a tough guy! Why just the other night I picked a flea off my cat's belly and squished it mercilessly. True story.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Odd tho it is to comment on an entry that's nearly a month old, i commented twice before (a week apart) and the comment vanished both times. So i'm trying on my other computer:

My Cuss-o-meter has never continuously monitored the blog. I just run it periodically. It keeps me from overusing ... words i'm inclined to overuse!

And - personally, i think the serial killer photo is great and could come in quite handy! And the top photo is especially good, with the mood-enhancing shadows in the background.