Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Late November Clan Subset Gathering

(Note: this post was composed using Microsoft's "Live Writer," which I don't think I'm going to use again.)

A subset of the extended clan gathered at Ft. Harrington on Thanksgiving (US variety) weekend to indulge in non-turkey feasting – and to gather up presents from Ireland that somehow had not yet been distributed.


Dessert Time. Clockwise from left: Grace, Andrew, Lynda, Adam, Gisella, Ryan (behind his mom), Mrs. Fort. Grace’s mom, Adrianne, had to leave before chow time.

Lasagna, salad, garlic bread (yummily not turkey, which all of us had over-ingested in other places the previous Thursday) followed by two kinds of pie: apple and pumpkin (pies accompanied by an ice cream option, of course) – Diane put on her usual fare with country flair.


Adam and Gisella, closer-up.

Gisella is Lynda’s daughter Jamie’s little girl, which makes her Adam’s step-granddaughter.

Which makes her my step-great-granddaughter!


Ryan and his hat from Donegal.

Ryan took an afternoon off from his waiter’s gig – and from studying for his EMT course. (If all goes well, he should be licensed for the latter by early next year.) He couldn’t bring the lovely Casey with him this time, but we all were thinking of her.


Adam and Grace with their Irish souvenirs. Note old Kelsey-the-Dog in the lower-right.

“My dad went to Ireland and all I got was this rugby shirt.”

Adam’s shirt – identifiably Irish by three discreet shamrocks about where Grace’s wrist is – came from Kenmare as did Grace’s cap. Her necklace is from Mullingar, as is a belt-watch for Andrew (which can’t be seen in the picture below.)

DSC_4187Andrew with Emma


Grace and her mom compare knit goods. The champagne flute is also from Mullingar.

In the above picture, Adrianne is not wearing a significant new piece of jewelry that she recently acquired: an engagement ring! She and her Ryan (“her” to distinguish from Diane’s Ryan) will marry in May or June.

GracieBlingGrace models her new bling. Notice Emma-the-Spaniel in the lower-left: she still absolutely adores Grace, and is never more than a few feet from the girl whenever she visits.

Now eight years old, Grace has developed a wide variety of facial expressions and uses them to great effect.

DSC_4186Grace and old Fonzie.

A Late November EveningAfter the ruckus

Once the leftover containers had been filled and taken, after the last hug and kiss good-bye of the evening was done, the various animals in the Ft. Harrington menagerie had a variety of different reactions. Extremes of that spectrum are shown here. Jax, bred as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are to be sociable and intoxicated by children, was exhausted, collapsed on his pile of pillows on the couch, and was dead to the world for hours. Finn McCool, on the other hand, still not comfortable with people he doesn’t know, hid under the bed all day, so when everyone left he was wound up, energized, and ready to rock and roll! If this were a video, you’d see his tail whipping back and forth.

I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend, too – and, from all of us at Ft. Harrington of any number of feet, we wish you a warm and happy holiday season ahead!


Mike said...

Your little blonde granddaughter seems to grow about as fast as my little blonde granddaughters. And even my little non-blonde granddaughter.

She will make a lovely flowergirl, or perhaps even bridesmaid, come spring. Wonderful to keep up with all the family developments!

Ronnie said...

And she gets prettier and prettier, too, just like Mike's do -

Sherwood Harrington said...

To see what Ronnie and her son Mike are talking about as concerns Mike's granddaughters, click here.

(You may have to be a "friend" of Mike Peterson on Facebook in order for that link to work, but it's worth the effort to finagle yourself into that status -- he's actually pretty loose about it, as evidenced by MY ability to see the link.)

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

8~) We had a spaghetti, salad and garlic bread feast for our clan on Saturday night - Italian food makes the perfect post-turkey contrast meal.

Happiness is your favorite relatives coming back from a trip with a suitcase full of neat presents! Nice garments, pretty necklace - and the lovely young lady wearing it enhances its beauty.

And, Mike : love that photo! Man, they grow up fast.

Adam said...

Beautiful post Dad. It's striking how much older Grace looks in these photos. If I hadn't been neglecting my own chronicling duties lately, I may have been more aware of her rapid transformation. Funny how it takes photos to see the change sometimes. Speaking of, these photos are fantastic dad (as was the visit). The only one I'm not so sure about is the one with the middle aged looking dude in the rugby shirt holding up a soon to be un-held-up-able Gracie. Who the hell is THAT old dude?

Sorry I've been so selfishly focusing all my internet activity on promoting my career. I haven't hung out here with all the other Sher-Fans for far too long.

As Dr. Nick would say: "HI EVERYBODY"!

ronnie said...

Wonderful photos of what is clearly a wonderful day, Sherwood. I also can't believe how grown-up Grace is. She's a proper young lady now.