Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Folly of Bow-Wows [UPDATED with higher-quality video]

Christmas Day this year was a very quiet one at Ft. Harrington. Some of the extended family will converge here tomorrow, but today it was just us and the four-feet. As always, distribution of presents (in this case, rawhide chews) to the children (in this case, dogs) was the highlight of Christmas. Rawhide chews are a special, special treat for Kelsey, Jax, and Emma, primarily because they never get them on any day but Christmas. That's because one of them (whom I will not embarrass by mentioning his name here in public) tends to steal the others' and hoard them.

(Video -- "Treats for the Canines," starring Kelsey, Jax, and Emma with a special guest appearance by Cooper-the-Giant-Kitty -- at the bottom of this post.)

It's a Ft. Harrington Christmas tradition that Emma winds up with no toys or treats because...

... her bratty brother steals everything of value.

Bow on the Bow-Wow

But enough of the mutts. This is MY blog, so what did I get? I'm sure everyone reading this is impatient to find out, right? I made out like a bandit, I did. Not only did I score the traditional Pendleton shirt and a great barn jacket, but my loving spouse also gifted me thusly:

I'm gonna spoon out a bowl of that corn relish and snuggle in with my Patti Smith books and just disappear for a whole day. Just as soon as my mouth heals from its Christmas Eve emergency extraction of a shattered tooth.


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Mike said...

In my times of multiple dogs, which has been much of the time, I've tended to stay out of canine politics. If those at the lower end of the pecking order are willing to give up bones without a fuss, well, okay then. Not my business. However, if there is going to be a lot of anxiety and whining and snarling about it, it becomes my business and we just won't have bones.

Rawhide treats have never been a big deal because I've had a number of dogs who have accepted them with solemn gratitude and then quietly put them somewhere and left them untouched. Sort of the Christmas-necktie syndrome.

At the moment, of course, anything a dog might and ought to chew is being rolled out, in order to distract the young'un from things a dog might and ought not to chew. But I'm sure we'll narrow things down shortly.

ronnie said...

OOOhh, that's amazing! I also gave "Just Kids" to Husband, based solely on a couple of great online reviews and knowing that he was a Patti Smith fan. He was very pleasantly surprised, having never heard of it. Good call, Diane (or whoever gave it to you).

As for canine politics, I wouldn't touch them with a 14-foot-rawhide chewtoy, having abandoned them long ago to the study of feline politics. I fear I have picked a much more demanding field of study.

Mike said...

ronnie, you're just too hip for the room -- you were studying feline politics before "chaos theory" was cool.