Monday, November 12, 2007

An Anniversary

Doug, Grace, 2005.

So, it has been a year.

To celebrate and grieve, to support and be supported, to laugh and to cry, to eat and clean up afterwards...

The Harrington Clan will gather on November 14th in Doug's home to support one another in whatever way seems appropriate. Grace will be the initial focus, but who knows where the tone will eventually focus. My bet is on laughter and tears, probably in about equal amounts. Well, no, probably more on the laughter side.

Definitely on the laughter side. That was always the way with Doug: laugh with him or... laugh at him. Pretty much.

Adrianne and Grace will persevere. Adam will recover and hold the man. I will go on.

There will be some changes on, there will be some changes on this blog, there will be some changes between my ears.

There will be no changes in who Doug is.

[Click here for a short account of the gathering.]



Mike said...

Anniversaries are tough, but facing them head on is a very good idea. And you're right to invite change without fearing that something will be lost. Change and remembrance are both inevitable, and desireable.

ronnie said...

Mike said it all better than I could. Some things are hard, and some things are necessary, and the worst things, like figuring out how to move forward after losing a beloved family member, are both.

Your family will be in my thoughts a lot today and tomorrow.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Beautifully said by Mike and ronnie.

Thinking of all of you today.

Chris said...

Thinking about you and the family.