Sunday, February 10, 2008


Fonzie has his own manifold of reality's dimensional geometry. This napkin box, for example, is perfectly adequate for him in most nodes.

Another interpretation, of course, is that Fonzie is nuts.


ronnie said...

Fonzie, U rock.
Ur box rocks.
U in ur box rox.
U no wat I'm getten at.

Fonzie is teh poster kitteh for post-millennial fisicks.

(Sorry - I was working on a theory here about how our language gets more minimalist while our fis- fys- physics get more complex, when my Kitteh Overlords interrupted and said they needed me for a special project in Fredericton. Boy am I excited!)

Sherwood Harrington said...

ronnie, you just went from text-ish lingo to cheezeburger syntax to quantum physics to Canadian social-issues job changes, all by way of a great four-line hip-hop intro.

Fonzie absolutely understands you, because that's the sort of toe-dancing over multiple realities that he has specialized in ever since...

... that unfortunate brain damage incident several years ago.

It's always unnerving here in Ft. Harrington when someone actually understands him.

Dann said...

brain damage incident? being born?

I always figured that it was genetic with those of the feline persuasion. [grin]

Sherwood Harrington said...

Brain damage, actually, Dann. He was born goofy like most cats are, but became significantly more so after a pesticide poisoning incident about seven years ago. It left him with the seeming ability to see into other dimensions and left us on the winning side of a class-action lawsuit.

Small comfort, that last bit. Nuts as he is, though, he is otherwise very healthy and very, very sweet and affectionate.

Dann said...

Well if that doesn't put a damper on my meager attempt at humour, then nothing else will.

As much as I am not a cat person, I also don't want to see them mistreated.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Aw, Dann, I thought your post was pretty funny; no reason to fret about it. Besides, my post itself pokes fun at the Fonz.

Really, all things considered, the awful episode wound up having a very good outcome. He's a very happy cat in no evident discomfort -- just very, very, very goofy. The only downside is that some of the other cats pick on him once in a very great while, like the misfit little kid will get picked on by other kids.

(For readers of "I Am Mojo": the Black Freighter never picks on him, and befriends him often.)

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

2nd try, without typos:

The Black Freighter is very fond and protective of Fonzie, and at the same time usually refers to him as "addled", which combination I think seems to sum Fonzie up in a very nice nutshell (as gleaned by reports from Fort Harrington).

This conversation reminds me of my late Father-in-Law's late dog Rio, who was also brain-damaged (and also very happy and not-quite-right). Whenever Rio did something particularly addled, my dear F-i-L would refer to him, half-affectionately, half-joke-ruefully as "Rio, our special gift from heaven".

Sherwood Harrington said...

"Nutshell," eh, ronnie? Good one!

Yes, BF is sort of protective, in an odd way, of the Fonz -- but a quick perusal of Raul's contributions to "I Am Mojo" will show that he's not above eating Fonzie's dinner, either.

By coincidence, yesterday brought a defining incident in Fonzie's "addled"-ness, and it involved the napkin box. Guinness was in the box, and the little guy fits therein quite nicely, but Fonzie took exception to his squatting. Most cats, confronted with another cat where he wants to be, would do one of two things: start swatting or (more usually) ramp up the passive aggression by laying down on the trespasser's face.

Not Fonzie.

Fonzie tried to *pull* Guinness out of the box by the scruff of his neck, exactly as mother cats move their kittens from one place to another. It didn't work, of course, because (while small) Guinness is a full-grown cat. It was hilarious to watch, though, since Guinness neither co-operated nor objected, and just stayed curled up in the napkin box as Fonzie pulled on the nape of his neck. We had a good long while of Fonzie dragging a napkin box full of Guinness around the tabletop.

Mike said...

Do you even HAVE a television at Fort Harrington? Doesn't sound like you need one for entertainment!

Ronnie said...

Do you even HAVE any napkins?


Sherwood Harrington said...

Oh, yes, we have napkins in the box. We never use the top one, though.

And, yes, we have a TV -- two, in fact. And we need to keep them, too, since they are now the only CRT's in the house, and where else is Fonzie going to warm his belly now that the computer monitors are all flat screens?