Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flickers from February

Whacked swing, damaged by a redwood limb's downward trajectory, Ft. Harrington, February, 2002.

The shortest month is, gladly, the shortest month. February, in any northern hemisphere clime, is winter at its dreariest, and, even in so clement a place a Northern California, its blessings are generally on the artificially-heated side of the door.

Here are some blessings from today, February 23rd, in the central dwelling in Ft. Harrington, as we rode out a mild storm:

Guinness can sit comfortably on any of his sides in any of three dimensions.

Finn, still twitchy and still trying to figure out all this zoo, has become comfortable with the spaniels…

… and is sufficiently happy with his little buddy, Guinness, that he doesn’t completely freak out when Guinness jumps into his snuggle-stuffs.


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ronnie said...

Animal companions are truly a blessing on a stormy day... their warmth (emotional and literal) makes everything cozier. And yes, especially true in February - April is not "the cruelest month"...