Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ruth and Mrs. Peterson are excused from this admonition, but, for the rest of you:

HEY! Are you ever going to visit PicShers, or what? I've been busily posting a picture a day over there, and that due diligence deserves at least a daily snore from you guys, hey?

For Ruth: a picture of me in Myrtle Beach, 1958.

C'mon now. Especially anybody who might be, oh, I don't know, related to me.



Ronnie said...

That explains why there have been no comments!

I knew Ruth and I had a lot in common. Wish I had the technology/skill to send you both pictures of me in Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet during the nineties. Ronnie-with-no-cat aka Mrs. Peterson

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Aha! I was wondering who the other looker was!

Myrtle Beach was wonderful back then! That was about the time of my first visit too.

To all - i recommend PicShers. If nothing else, visit once and steal the kitchen window picture of April 21st, 8~) because it makes a perfect color-calibration photo for printer and monitor settings. Every color, in a spectrum of rich jewel-like hues, and vastly more visually interesting than whatever test picture they provide!

There's a lot more to visit for, too.

Anonymous said...


I get the picture.

Or should I say, I'll start getting the pictures.

I'll try to be more vigilant, overcome my short little span of attention.

A reminder once in a while couldn't hurt.

Adam Harrington