Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Like Flies, I Tell You [Updated anew]

Another salute:

To Theriomorph.

First, Chris Clarke rips Creek Running North away from us like a bandit snatching a purse strap from our necks, breaking the fabric's cords without concern for the neck below them.

And now the Theriomorph backs away from the blogosphere, more slowly, more hesitantly, but gone none-the-damn-less.

I'm pouting now. I'll have to adjust the blogroll here, but not right away.

Update, June 7th: I couldn't throw them off, so I made them emeriti (see "Blogs Emeriti" on the sidebar.) And, as long as I was fussing with the blogroll, I added one that should have been there long ago: see "Vicki" at the end.

Update later on June 7th: Another blogroll entry that's long overdue is Mary Ellen Carew's. Check the third slot in the blogroll (which is alphabetical.)

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