Friday, May 7, 2010

While We Wait for Sherwood to Have a Thought Worth Communicating...

... a Diversion:

Fonzie on May 7th, 2010

Doggerel for a Cat

Who knows where his mind is,
Who knows where he goes?
Who knows what he’s thinking,
Who knows what he knows?

Deep thoughts about the future,
Or contemplating, if he can,
The foibles of his keepers,
And the final days of Man?

Perhaps he’s astrophysics’
Or mathematics’ sage,
Viewing in this corner
Hadrons' impact in the voiding gauge.

Or maybe he can see into
The chaos of our past,
Mistakes that litter pathways
That our curiosity outlasts.

Or maybe he’s just looking at a wall.



spottheblogger said...

Isn't this catterol?

Sherwood Harrington said...

More like a catter-wall.

Brian Fies said...

Perfect. We always accuse Amber of seeing ghosts when she stares and meowls at the wall. We all laugh and have great fun at her expense, but I'm 57% sure that one day, perhaps years from now, we'll discover that we have a giant beehive or portal to another dimension hiding behind that drywall. And we'll know: Amber was right all along.

Mike Peterson said...

Never knew you could put a cat in timeout.

Anonymous said...

Its vry hooman to decide any thoughts you ever have arent worth sharing. ALL cat thoughts are profownd and of great value, and if on rare ocasion its not, we dont do the self-efacing thing, we just go I have nothing to say thats not beyond your grasp. Hoomans could possibly learn from this.

ronnie said...

When Veronica stares at the place where wall and ceiling join - as she often does - we refer to it as her seeing "angels in the architecture". Paul Simon fans will recognize the reference.

Nice catterol. :)

Sherwood Harrington said...

Of course Amber's right, Brian; cats are always right (see Downeyflake's comment, for example.)

Mike, that particular cat is on perpetual timeout.

Mr. Downeyflake, you are perceptive as always, and I will take your comment to heart.

And welcome back, ronnie! I hope you didn't hurt yourself this time out ;-).