Friday, May 21, 2010

New Look at a Familiar Face, 25 Years On

Doug Harrington, circa 1985, by, courtesy of and copyright by Drew Fleming.

The web is an increasingly miraculous virtual place.

I have literally thousands of photos of my firstborn, taken during his 40 years here, but the web, just a few days ago, gifted me with this image that I had never seen before.

It stopped me in my tracks.

Taken by Drew Fleming in about 1985, it is the illustration for Doug's short entry on Wikipedia.

The Wiki article refers to Doug's partnership in songwriting and lead guitar performance with Jim Adams. Jim continues to keep Defiance alive -- along with his own successful IT career! -- and the band recently released a revival album, "Prophecy," much of which was actually written by Doug shortly before his death by melanoma four years ago. Even if thrash metal is not your cup of tea, I think you can appreciate the artistry involved in this two-minute home video of Jim laying down a couple of lead tracks for "Prophecy." Jim's fret-work is predictably impressive, but watch his right hand, too. Very, very cool stuff.


Adam said...

I've never seen this photo til now either. He's so young. Too bad he's not around for me to give him grief about the mullet.

Funny you should mention Jim's session. I came across the videos of Jim in Juan's studio a week ago on one of my rare visits to facebook. I sent him a personal message telling him how extremely cool I thought it was.

Mike Peterson said...

1. There's some Eddie Van Halen in that boyish face.

2. Adam, the urge to bust your sibling's chops is one of the last wounds to heal. I have no idea what my brother would be up to now, 40 years later, but I'm sure I'd give him a raft over it.