Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gone Fishin' -- Back in About a Hundred Days

The residents of Ft. Harrington have a very, very busy three months ahead of us, including a lengthy return to our favorite island for some research and some relaxation, but also including some frantic times at school as we approach the fiscal year's end in a continuing sense of impending financial Armageddon. I am thus closing down most of my online activities until school starts back up in the Fall. (The wags among you, looking over the infrequent posts here this year, will be tempted to say that it's been closed down for quite a while, anyway. Don't -- or I'll send my tough-guy son after you.)

Tough-guy son. He will be assisted by the ferocious Kelsey and the bloodthirsty spaniels for the five weeks we're gone, so don't even think about trying to rob the joint then. Best plan on doing that while we're actually here.

We all -- humans and four-feet -- hope you have a great, great summer... and that you haven't completely forgotten about us come mid-September.


Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

AUGH! But i understand - life can get that way. Looking greatly forward to posts and pictures in the fall, especially of your trip. Just don't make non-blogging a habit, okay?

Brian Fies said...

Forgotten about who?

You can't just leave a straight line lying around like that and not expect someone to pick it up.

By the way, sometime I'd like to ask you about Thomas Gates at DeAnza and whether your tenure overlapped with his. Tough act to follow.

Here's wishing you a great summer and a job to come back to when it's done.

Mike Peterson said...

Sherwood: Have a great summer and, especially, a great return to Ireland. I'll miss your insightful posts in the meantime, and look forward to your unique impressions of the world when you return.

Adam: Email me. I can teach you to take pictures of chickens and upload them.

ronnie said...

You will be missed much more than you suspect. Have a wonderful summer - we at Casa Ronniecat will faithfully await your return.

Vicki said...

Sherwood, have a great time on your trip. We shall await pictures and detailed notes!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Thanks, everybody! Well, most of you, anyway. Mike, as soon as I got to "insightful" in your first paragraph, I knew I'd be in trouble by the second one. And Brian, hey, pal, at least my object is accessible.

(Re Tom Gates: for the others, Tom was a noteworthy figure in Astronomy education in the SF Bay area for many years, most of them as director of the planetarium I teach in now. Brian, my tenure here overlapped his by only one term, during which he taught a night class for us. But there are a couple of more direct connections. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific's audio tour of the seasons' constellations was originally written and recorded by Tom in the early '70s. The current version, called "Tours of the Night Sky," is a revision done in the early '80s, re-written and recorded by yours truly. Tom gets appropriate and fulsome credit in the written material that accompanies the CD.

The other connection is that Tom's son took introductory Astronomy from me!)

Adam said...

Actually Mike, I might have enough time on my hands to teach the chickens to take pictures of me. Don't think Dad got any head-shots from a low perspective. Might conceal my double chin.

Shameless plug: Check out the gripping expose on Ireland that my lovely niece put together, aided by her part-time chicken portraitist Granddad. Entertaining AND educational,and at under two minutes, highly watch-able.